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packaging and warehouse management services

Packaging services
Of the other logistic activities of SAIPA Logistics Company is providing the customers with the whole process of packaging of spare parts along with providing export services which include receiving parts, storage in an appropriate space, planning of packaging lines, and transportation of wrapped packages to the customers. All these should be done with maintaining the quality of products and packaging components in an effort to prevent fraudulent actions and preserve the originality of the packed items and the brand. All the mentioned will be realized through the following:
Innovation in design and use of appropriate logistical containers
Providing services for optimization, repairing and modifying the logistic containers
Design and production of logistic containers
(Variety of stands, metal, and wooden pallets)
SAIPA Logistics Company designs and produces various types of pallets, metal stands, boxes, wooden beds for pallets according to customers' demands with the help of expert engineers at the company. The company offers products through sale or permission.
Forging and carpentry workshops at SAIPA Logistics produce high-quality items for domestic use and export, via appropriate equipment and experienced technicians.
Some of these products include a variety of standard metal and foldable pallets, variety of automotive carrying metal stands, different mineral water stands, and different beds for wooden pallets, designing of which is fully engineered using high-quality material and consistent with the customers' demands.
Storage and warehouse management services
Warehousing and storage management is one of the most important logistical activities, the SAIPA Logistics Company is quite good at. Since the warehouse is one of the prominent components in the supply chain and distribution of goods, storage and warehouse management is considered one of the prominent activities in the chain. SAIPA Logistics Company, which enjoys proper equipment and facilities in warehousing and storage management, is capable and expert in providing services in the following fields:
Providing storage space for sheets
Supplying storage equipment such as shelves, racks, pallets and more
Supplying transportation equipment such as carts, forklifts, tow trucks and more
Implementing cargo loading and unloading operations and arrangement in warehouse
Inspection and quality control of items in the warehouse along with categorizing the existing items
Stock inventory control
Addressing and tracking items