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The multifunctional SAIPA Logistics Private Held Co. was launched in 2004, aiming at providing rail transit services for import and export, distributing SAIPA products throughout the country and export to overseas in line with the ultimate goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, reducing fuel costs, guaranteeing secured transportation, and reducing transportation costs along with slashing road accidents.
Reduction of transportation costs on one hand and optimal transit of raw materials and vehicles, on the other hand, are the reasons why the company has gradually taken all the responsibility in transporting raw materials and products via railways, thoroughfares and combined ways in the country.
Currently, the multifunctional SAIPA Logistics Company is planning to create an intelligent logistic approach using a tactful plan and the cutting-edge technologies and getting help from experienced and efficient personnel.
In the fiscal year 2016-17, in line with turning the company into a logistics hub for SAIPA Automaker Company, tasks including packaging and stock management were assigned to SAIPA Logistics Company.